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A dedicated team

Wideye is not just an exclusive provider of IR-transparent automotive glass, but also a TEAM and a dedicated service to help you design your custom integration solution and create the most aesthetic and safest models.

Our team can works both on designing specific parts, but also on end to end LiDAR device integration.

Discover some of the key advantages of the Wideye team :
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    Ample automotive experience

    Thanks to AGC’s proven experience and relationships with OEMs and TIER 1s, our team has a very high-added-value background in the automotive industry.

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    An evolving supply chain

    From proofs of concept to mass production, our ambition is to support our customers in developing new solutions. Drawing on an ecosystem capable of prototyping your ideas, we will commit AGC's existing assets to you or build a business case together to tailor them to your specific needs.

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    Agile and solution-minded

    To react promptly, efficiently, with an agile, scalable team with hundreds of specialized engineers.

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    Teamwork with your existing partners.

    As proven in our own prototype experience, the Wideye team can work seamlessly with partners to meet your objectives. You can be very clear about what you want us to do, and we will do the same with our capabilities.

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    We are active worldwide from our innovation center in Western Europe (Belgium)

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