Use cases & value

What we can do

The Wideye team will work with you to seamlessly integrate LiDAR and sensors into strategic areas, to provide the most efficient short- and long-range vision to the vehicle.
360° vision will be reached with a combination of redundant sensors, placed in the windscreen area for high-mounting vision, but also behind other vision or non-vision glazing elements such as side windows, B-Pillars and decorative glazing trims.

The main advantages of this approach are:

360° vision, with impeccable aesthetics and safer autonomous driving
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    Zero absorption

    IR transmission up to 92% best-of-class (dedicated soda-lime composition) and more with specific treatment

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    Excellent durability against UV, chemicals, scratches...

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    Fully functional

    Preservation against weather/external conditions with integrated active heating, water-repellent coating…

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    Better vision

    High-mounting position for better perspective and lower TCO

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