Glass Trims

The Wideye solution is available for vision- and non-vision glazing

Glass is increasingly used for decorative purposes (B-pillars, trunk hatches…) in the automotive industry. Combined with our zero IR absorption composition, these locations can be turned into convenient LiDAR integration locations.

Why Glass Trims are an interesting integration position:

  • Impeccable aesthetics with a glass finish, including flush design with surrounding windows and possible black appearance
  • Safety and durability provided by glass high resistance properties against UV, chemicals, scratches, …
  • Clear vision preservation with active heating system, water-repellent coating and other custom functions
  • Optimal IR transmission (zero absorption) thanks to AGC technologies

We believe that vehicle security demands multiple sensors, all around the vehicle, and that custom glass surfaces with support systems will become mandatory as interfaces with the exterior for LiDAR sensors.

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