LiDAR covers

A durable, functional, secure, and seamless interface to the exterior world

Imagine a plastic that does not age or get scratched, can be defrosted and maintains vision in all conditions. This plastic exists… It’s glass.

For any other integrations or applications, Wideye glass for LiDAR covers provides optimized IR transmission and excellent durability, while offering similar functionalities as a mini windshield to ensure clear vision in all conditions.

Glass is a better option for LiDAR covers, the perfect interface to the outside world to enhance your LiDAR’s data and safety in the long term.

Our design team can help you to imagine the best fit for your device as we already did with some key customers.

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  • Optical properties
    • IR performances up to 92% transmission
    • Clear or black appareance
    • High optical clarity or highly diffusive interface
    • And more optical functions:
      • AR
      • Optical coupling
  • Excellent durability
    • High resistance to UV
    • High resistance to chemicals
    • Scratch resistance
    • Mechanical toughening (safety glass)
  • Thermal properties
    • Heating function for defrosting / defogging possible
    • Higher thermal conductivity
    • Lower CTE
    • High melting point
  • And more...
    • Hydrophobic coating
    • Bending possibilities
    • Encapsulation (Plastic housing for plug and play cover)
    • Electronic components integration