A strategic surface with multiple advantages

When it comes to sensor integration behind vision glazing, one of the most strategic areas is the windscreen. Glass integration for LiDAR had been previously rejected because infrared waves cannot pass through standard automotive glass. Now, our new infrared-transparent glass composition is changing this paradigm and allowing you to integrate your LiDAR sensor behind the windscreen or other types of automotive vision glazing.

Here is why the windscreen is the best integration position:

  • Good aesthetics and seamless integration
  • Clear vision guaranteed in all conditions thanks to integrated wipers, heater and other functions
  • Access to “free” protection inside the vehicle
  • Optimal IR transmission (zero absorption) thanks to AGC technologies
  • Sensor safely protected inside the vehicle cabin with no more need for comprehensive sealing or countermeasures against rush conditions
  • High-mounting position for a better perspective of traffic
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership with reduced risk of damage to the sensor in case of adverse event

We proved it’s a reality with some partners and we are ready for industrial scale-up at our plants.

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