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Zero-absorptionautomotive glassfor LiDAR Applications

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Wideye is your LiDAR integration partner.

Our action is focused on three main areas

  1. IR Glass for LiDAR applications, for industrial scale-up, from the biggest to the smallest parts (IR Glass windshields, glass trims, B-pillar, LiDAR covers)
  2. Tailor-made design solutions for your parts, with large-scale prototyping capacity
  3. Global LiDAR integrator, with partners

We are lean, agile and solution-minded. And here is what we can do for you…

In 2030, about 15% of vehicles are predicted to be totally autonomous.

And it could be up to 60% in 2035.

When you look at it, projections all point in the same direction:

  • Vehicles need to be totally secure
  • Design will be a major theme
  • And it’s gonna be HUGE...
Focus Let’s have a look at a very special couple in the AV World…


The eyes of future autonomous vehicles should be a combination of multiple sensors

  • Camera
  • LiDAR
  • sensors
  • acoustic

They should be combined and even redundant to provide maximum safety

Let’s focus on LiDAR, the key sensor and a major enabler in the near future.


Looking at recent history, Aesthetics shows that glass areas on cars have increased to 15% over the last 10 years and are still growing.

You have different options to integrate LiDAR into your car:

High Mounting Position Aesthetic Complex Exposure

One of the most strategic areas is the windshields. It integrates plenty of sensors…


And this trend will only accelerate

Glass integration has been totally rejected, because infrared waves cannot pass through standard automotive glass.

And LiDAR technology is entirely based on infrared

Solutions like windshields are not only aesthetic.

They are fully functional, with an anti-fog system, wipers, defrosting, heat protection, anti-rain…

Safety & Design

Where safety and design meet: AGC is proud to present a new infrared-transparent glass composition which allows engineers to integrate LiDAR inside the car, behind “vision” and “non-vision” glazing.

Pieces, big and small, produced on an industrial scale

This infrared glass will span the entire range of sizes: windscreens, glass trims, side glasses and, yes, protection covers for the LiDAR device itself.

  • picto-windshield
  • picto-glass
    Glass trims and side glasses
  • picto-cover
    Protection covers


This is why AGC created WIDEYE: it is not just GLASS, but also a team and a dedicated service to help you to design your parts, to assist you in conceiving the car of tomorrow, and to seamlessly integrate your LiDAR solution into the car.

Everything with the same objective as yours: creating the most AESTHETIC and SAFE model, without any compromise.

With Wideye, glass is not just an option for LiDAR – it is a better way.

This infrared glass can already be produced on an industrial scale at AGC plants.